A Tale of Two Niches: Thought Catalog vs. The Knot

I have never been one to read a blog for news information or helpful resources. Instead, I choose to seek niche blogs that cater to my quirky personality and awkwardly mismatched passions. Two of my favorite blogs, Thought Catalog and The Knot, have kept me reading for hours on multiple occasions.

Thought Catalog — Because one mind is never enough

Thought Catalog is “a place for relevant and relatable non-fiction and thought.” Above all blogs, this is easily my favorite. Thought Catalog is unique in that it is a user-generated blog written by a multitude of authors. Anyone and everyone has the ability to contribute his/her writing, whatever it may be, on any topic of his/her choosing. Some authors address news stories encouraging action and change among the upcoming generations of leaders, using links and videos to emotionally connect with each reader. Other stories are geared toward the hopeless romantics, the sarcastic know-it-all no one openly agrees with, the beautifully composed intellectuals and the “WTF” thoughts someone dared pen to digital paper. Comments are welcomed and encouraged, although the author rarely jumps in to add two more cents or defend that which is questioned; their “thought” has been shared and the world can make of it as its inhabitants individually choose. How beautifully poetic is that?

The blog is managed well, and no piece of writing has ever been a jumbled mass of journalistic garbage. I would not recommend Thought Catalog for the journalist with a passion for all things AP style; rules are often violated and fragments equate to complete thoughts. I read this blog for the personalities because each post is a tiny chunk of the author that they were selfless (or sometimes selfish) enough to share with strangers. There is a story for every person housed here.

As is plain to see, I have a disgustingly involved relationship with Thought Catalog. I could not come up with a greater blog concept if I tried. However, I do wish the blog manager(s) would reconsider the layout. Adding an archive would make accessing old favorites easier and displaying more blogs per page would make thumbing through simpler. I have often wondered why each post is not placed according to category and presented in a pull-down menu. It seems like a great way to organize “thoughts”, right? Unfortunately, my partner in this “relationship” reminds me that categorizing the thoughts of another is almost stereotyping their efforts, which would lead to great issues between authors and blog administrators.

Moral of the analysis: Explore the thoughts you dared to dream, tucked away for safe keeping or simply forgot ever happened; someone else has thought them, too.

The Knot — Planning for Prince Charming

The Knot is a haven for every woman (and the rare man) who lives, eats, sleeps and breathes weddings. The blog features posts for every detail of that special day, from hair and color trends to DIY decor and honeymoon planning. A total of seven editors contribute to the blog and pride themselves on housing the “new[est] and fresh[est]” ideas for weddings.

As an aspiring wedding/event coordinator, I find myself digging through posts on just about every topic that could possibly be important for planning a marriage ceremony. Do not let the subject matter throw you off, however; this blog extends far beyond a one-trick, “how to plan your dream wedding” pony. You will see the glamorous, the trendy, the unique and the straight-up odd. Like what you see? Lucky for you, each blog features additional links at the bottom for similar stories you may enjoy!

I have often heard that men are the visual creatures, but wedding details fall under the “seeing is believing” category in life. The Knot is filled with gorgeous pictures collected from a wide variety of sources, including those captured by TK staff. The overall organization of the blog often becomes overwhelmingly cluttered by all the multimedia used to communicate amazing wedding tips and tricks to brides and their beaus. Thankfully, the pull-down menu across the top banner helps narrow a search and keep our wandering eyes (and minds!) on track. Let’s be honest… planning a wedding is one step short of insanity. If the organization doesn’t help ease the distracted mind of a bride, perhaps another bride will; the online community included in the blog gives  sisters of matrimonial mayhem a place to chat, vent and share their special day with one another!

Moral of the analysis: Brides are crazy… Get a little knotty to calm the storm.


3 thoughts on “A Tale of Two Niches: Thought Catalog vs. The Knot

  1. Chantell, I think this was beautifully written! I completely agree with what you had said about Thought Catalog. I have been following Thought Catalog as well and I also like the fact that “anyone who is everyone” is allowed to post. I have never heard of The Knot, but after reading this, I definitely would like to look into it!

  2. Chantell, I am incredibly impressed with how clearly this post is written. Your word choice was superb, and your voice had me cracking up throughout the whole thing. I think that adding the morals to the end of each discussion about the blogs was a great way to really sum everything up. I look forward to seeing more posts from you in the future, as well!

  3. I liked how you used the definition given for Though Catalog. It immediately gives a creditable description to what the blog is about. I thought your writing on the description was well done. I can definitely pick up your personality from class coming through your blog post and critiques. I think that having user generated content by a variety of people makes for a better blog and more interesting content. Thought Catalog is a site I will most certainly begin to follow. I just hope that reading won’t make me abandon all things AP style out of habit of what I read. They should consider an archive and an easier way to search for posts. Your choice of following The Knot is great for you career aspirations and a useful tool. Great job with your links and I enjoyed how you put a “Moral of the analysis” section after each blog.

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